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About Us

What is Scorant?

Despite major advancements in information technology, college students and their stakeholders are making costly and life changing decisions using outdated methods. These methods are based largely on what amounts to a guessing game: which major they should specialize in, what combination of courses they should take, with which Teachers, what their projected graduation dates are, and what the true cost of their education is. Scorant uses very sophisticated analytics combined with an easy to use application and mobile client to offer Teachers and students feature rich capabilities, ranging from course creation, syllabi management, attendance tracking, test and homework development, dynamic C.V. construction, and much more. Scorant's offerings work independently, or in conjunction with virtually all LMS and related systems. Scorant works quietly in the background to gather data which is used to create profiles of its users using state of the art analytics solutions. These profiles are used to present the students and their stakeholders with accurate assessments of the state of their academic career and form the basis for important internship and subsequent career decisions.

Why do you need Scorant?

More than ever before students are challenged to make life long decisions pertaining to their education and future career development. However, students and their stakeholders do not have the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions that are based on their individual circumstances and business environments


Career Advisor

College students are seldom prepared or have the necessary skills and experience to know when, how and where to apply for internships. While there are many resources available to assist them in searching and applying for internships and jobs.

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor, the first ever easy to use analytics program that allows students and their stakeholders to instantly view their current progress in every course and semester, and understand their progress toward their major.

User Interaction

Students and Teachers can intercat with each other, add a discussion or repond to a topic.

Get Stuff Done Online

Scorant enable users to manage homeworks and exams online, start a discussion, do their reading and many more.

Online Interaction

Student can instanlty send feedback to thier Teacher and ask him questions and get a responce back in or outside class.

Help & Support

Scorant helps Teacher and student to manage their classes faster and easier.


FREE to Teachers, Administrators, and Guardians if Scorant Software is sponsored by your college or University, otherwise pricing is as follows:

Educational Institutions serving under privileged communities may apply for significant discounts. Discounts, if granted, are strictly based on the discretion of Scorant, LLC. Management team.

How it works: Teacher downloads Scorant's app from the Apple Store, Google Play, or Windows Marketplace, or signs up on our website. If the Teacher's school sponsored Scorant's software then the download and sign up are free, otherwise the Teacher pays $19.95/year for unlimited courses. The Teacher either imports his/her courses from their school system, if sponsored, or enters the data once. Scorant automatically generates a code which the Teachers give to their students. All the students need is use this unique code to sign up for any specific course. It's as simple as that.

Individual User pricing if Enterprise Version is not sponsored by your institution per year:

  • Parent/GuardianAdministratorStudentTeacher
  • $4.95$7.95 $9.95$19.95

Enterprise Version Per Educational Institution: Please contact us



For Support Questions, please email us at


  • Q. What are the requirements for using this app?

    You can access scorant from any computer and almost any smart phones or tablets.

  • Q. How does it work?

    Scorant is comprised of a tightly integrated set of applications that are easy to use, readily available, and very inexpensive to own. Although each application is very rich in its features, it is designed to be part of a carefully thought out building block to create an insight into what path students should take in their academic and life careers. We believe that students and their stakeholders have plenty on their hands to be asked to fill out forms and take tests to decide what they should major in. Instead, we believe that our software applications can collectively gather vast amounts of data that, coupled with already existing data, can give the student great insights into their own potential and guide them as such. Our applications are very easy to use; we don't ask the Teacher or student to do anything beyond their normal daily activities as they progress through their careers. For example, the Teacher takes attendance using our strikingly beautiful, very intuitive and easy to use attendance features. Our software in turn, analysis this information to track attendance habits of the student and answer questions that are very important to the student in the immediate sense such as: Does the student have a better attendance record in the morning or afternoon, does he exhibit a consistent level of tardiness with certain subjects or Teachers, does the students behavior changes as he progresses through school and how. This information can - if the student chooses - be shared with potential employers to show consistent patterns of improvement or excellent work habits. But in the immediate sense, the student and his adviser can develop an understanding about the student's own strengths and weaknesses. This information, along with information gathered by Scorant's other applications, is used by Class Planner to suggest to the student which courses to take with which Teacher's and during what time period. The continuous analysis is then used to give feedback to the student and his stakeholders about what career path is most appropriate for the specific student to take. Our Career Adviser is an extremely easy and accurate application that constantly monitors the student's progress and gives insightful feed back to the student about when to apply to available internships, and suggests career choices to the student based on all the available data that Scorant captures and collects from other available sources. All of this happens in the background, in a seamless and non-intrusive way. The results are accurate advise to the student about what changes to make and what academic and career choices to make, based on facts, instead of an otherwise guessing game.

  • Q. How much does it cost?

    Educational Institutions serving under privileged communities may apply for significant discounts. Discounts, if granted, are strictly based on the discretion of Scorant, LLC. Management team.
    Enterprise Version Per Educational Institution: Please contact us
    Individual User pricing if Enterprise Version is not purchased by institution: Teacher $19.95 Student: $9.95


Version 1.0.2

Released on Januray 13th, 2013
  • New Full iOS 6.1 compatibility
  • Fix Push notifications update & fixes
  • New Added dashboard refresh button
  • fix Various UI enhancements

Version 1.0.1

Released on January 10th, 2012
  • New Full iOS 5 compatibility
  • Fix Push notifications update & fixes
  • New Added dashboard refresh button
  • fix Various UI enhancements

Version 1.0

Released on January 1st, 2012
  • New Initial release for iOS and Android


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